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Engelsk-brev til LLO: Udlejer udbedrer ingenting

Dear LLO

I attached a copy of my lease.

I would like to discuss how best I can approach my landlord in regards to external maintenance issues. More specifically, our main gate, dørtelefon, and elevator have been out of service for over 2 years.

Long time ago I informed the property management company about this and all related issues, but nothing has been done to fix them. Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,




Dear Roberto,

Since you have already reached out to your landlord regarding the deficiencies, the case is ready to be submitted to the Rent Tribunal.

You do this by sending an e-mail:

You have to attach a copy of your lease, and your correspondence with the landlord where they decline to do maintenance.

In the mail to the Tribunal you should write a list in bullet points of the things you want them to make a decision about.

The Tribunal will send and invoice for 319 kr. when you submit the case.

During the case, you will receive hearings from the board, also including your landlord’s comments. When this happens, feel free to get back to me.


Venlig hilsen

Katrine N. Sparrewath Specialkonsulent, Cand.Jur.

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